Launched July 2019

Draftzar approached us with an idea of a application that was as daring and capable; to make fantasy football fun once again.

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About The Project

Draftzar came to us with an a clear goal, to make fantasy football fun once again. This required a solution that was as daring as it was capable. We developed a completely new way to draft players through a system that is simple to use and without sacrificing any of the depth fantasy players know and love. We accomplished this without relying on dense tabular data, after all it's a game, not another job.

We're big fantasy fans, so we jumped at the opportunity to imagine our dream fantasy website. We were looking for ways that a simple yet captivating user experience could be created. Through careful UX research, we found the optimal way to ramp complexity for new users without overwhelming them. The result is a very approachable user experience that allows rookies to jump right in and have fun, creaitng the team of their dreams with ease.

DraftZar's original idea came to life with a modern yet timeless approach that makes them immediately stand out from the classic, albeit a bit tired aesthetic of current fantasy sites.

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02 Data
Real-time data and engagement.

Built from the ground up, the technology stack was designed for excellent scalability from the beginning. When drafts take place, each user goes head-to-head against every other user. Our system processes millions of individual matchups without any errors in only a couple minutes.

As a game is happening, stats are gathered and analyzed in real time by our systems in order to enhance the user's experience while watching the game. They know exactly how their team is doing, and get special insights about it, all in the palm of their hands, as it happens.

We collect every punt, yard ran, pass, touchdown and analysis in real time. After all, fantasy is a game of knowledge and skill, we wanted to make the users felt empowered.

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04 Mobile First
Squeezing data into mobile phones, the right way.

We wanted users to be able to check in on their team no matter where they were, using proprietary scores that break down into a wealth of information, getting the pulse of how each individual player is contributing (or not) to your team. With great care we crafted a mobile first experience that allows anyone to draft regardless of what device they are on