Launched Jan 2018

Bluewater Yachting International is a worldwide leader in the super yacht industry, as such they approached us looking for world class overhaul to their site.

Project Type
01 Extensive Design
Luxury of time.

As a company that deals with luxury clients, yacht crew training, and everyone in between, the project required intense attention to detail. This resulted in over 150+ individual and unique designs, every page, painstakingly designed and iterated on until perfected. A luxury yacht deserves a luxury presentation.

The Numbers 150+
Custom Designed Pages
02 See More
Advanced Authenticated Experience
03 Connected Vision
Our process.

After engaging with key members of each department, from operations all the way to marketing, we were able to fully understand what each different segment required in order to succeed. We wove these requirements very carefully into a unified brand that truly conveys all of the possibilities that Bluewater International' provides to their many customers.

03 Results
A luxurious result.

We fulfilled the client's desire for a very modern website that felt seamless between desktop and mobile, all while providing a durable user experience for the thousands of users that find jobs aboard yachts as well as the staff selling and chartering super yachts across several countries.