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As members of the Drupal association and active developers for over 6 years, we can help you achieve just about anything your venture needs to succeed online

The Bob Graham Center (UF)

We have a pretty long history with UF, we've developed several sites for the university. Our biggest project (and always ongoing) is the development of the Bob Graham Center site. Representing the political science wing, carrying the history and name of former senator Bob Graham as well as streaming all the lectures at the university is no easy task but we were happy to be asked to help. We provide them not only a great user friendly site (which keeps up with modern technology) but also allow them a great/easy way to stream and allow anyone who'd like to watch for free!

The Miami Chamber

The Miami Chamber Of Commerce was a project that was put to bid in 2013. A multitude of major web development firms applied but was selected for the task which included a complete rebuild and several high end new features. There were two parts to this project - the main website which users could do all their normal user functions and an advanced back end which dealt with their financial data, invoicing, and recurring billing.
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