Mon, 2015-01-05 15:22

Drupal 8 is almost ready for prime time. Amidst all the energy and ideas being developed, it's important to stay informed about what's coming, and what could potentially have the most impact on your Drupal experience. We're going to spotlight Spark, a Drupal distribution that focuses on changes that may be minimal in experience, but profound in value. Spark tries to address the complaints people have had about creating content in Drupal. For example, sometimes it took a few modules and a little elbow grease to be able to upload an image directly into your text from the wysiwyg. Some really interesting solutions were implemented, but as always, they were either complicated to set up, not apparent, and/or too bulky. That is not the case with Spark, from the start, you get a very simple wysiwyg that works really well, image handling included.

The main goal of Spark is to close the gap between it's improvements and Drupal 8 core. So you can think of it as an independent effort implementing all the latest practices in Content Authoring, demonstrating that they work and how they don't work, and pushing for that to be added to corey. It's all pretty exciting.

You can get more information and download Spark at the Spark project page. If you want to try out a fresh copy of spark, check it out on, you get to play around in a sandbox for 30 minutes.

If you're interested in learning the basics of Drupal 8, check out our free and open source Drupal 8 book on site building, it gets updated regularly and is open to anyone to contribute on.

Written by
Antonio Torres
Senior Developer

Hailing from southern Spain, Antonio built his first website when he was 11 years old, proceeded to building Miami Beach Senior High's website as a Junior which remained online for over 5 years. A programmer by passion first, Antonio is a geek at heart and is always ready to try something cutting edge. Having developed websites that process several million dollars yearly, mapping centric applications, and mobile apps, Antonio brings a well rounded set of technical skills to the team.