Mon, 2016-03-07 13:00

When a search engine is deciding where to place your page in search results, it draws on information from all over the web: your website, social media profiles, posts others have made about your business, and more. How many sites point to your business, and how influential these sites are all affect your search ranking.

Something people often overlook when working on their website’s SEO ranking is local listings. Right here, in your city, people are searching for businesses near them. Websites like Yelp, CitySearch , and Yellow Pages are great places to start listing your business. The more places you’re listed, the more information search engines have to draw on. And hey, someone might run into your business on one of these directory websites and decide to become a customer!

So, while you’re keeping up with social media, your business’ website, and the rest of your company’s online presence, don’t forget to show those local listings some love.

Written by
Hannah Dean
Online Marketing Expert

A Native Texan living in sunny Los Angeles, Hannah has a passion for for helping organizations get their message to the right people. She is a master of filtering through the noise online and producing results. When she's not marketing she can be found writing music or getting really excited about all kinds of pets.