Thu, 2017-05-18 17:19

APT212 is a marketplace for booking luxury apartments in Manhattan. The project was challenging and fun to design, and was the first property rental site we’ve built. We wanted the site to have a sleek and upscale feel, just like the apartments being offered.

Designing a website like this presented some challenges: a lack of clear map data on Manhattan’s many boroughs, APT212 competing with larger rental websites, making payments quick and painless, and making a sleek single-page application work with mobile platforms and search engines.

Mapping Manhattan’s boroughs made us feel like native New Yorkers! We got to know every nook and cranny of the island. Many neighborhoods actually disagree about where one starts and another ends, so it was important to us to make our map as accurate as possible. We plotted every point on the map that APT212 uses, and leveraged Google Maps to help with a bunch of advanced usage features.

APT212 is technologically competing with industry giants like AirBnb, so the website has to feel just as well-made as the sites of larger companies. We came up with a cost-effective solution for our client that is on par with larger companies (who already have millions of dollars in funding). This puts APT212 in a place to grow even more once they secure funding. We’ll stick around as their technical team to support them every step of the way.

The design phase of APT212 was a long process, and we went through four or five versions before we found the perfect fit. The extensive design process was worth it, because the final product is straightforward and simple for users to navigate. Our design brought in elements from all over the web. We focused on four key pages. This was an interesting take, as most websites use a homepage and inner pages rather than focus points. Visually, we strove to communicate professionalism, trust, and luxury. When dealing with things like rentals, it’s important for the website to communicate the quality of the product.

APT212 was our first large-scale mapping project, and we learned a ton along the way. We’re very happy with the final product and are excited to watch it grow.

Written by
Hannah Dean
Online Marketing Expert

A Native Texan living in sunny Los Angeles, Hannah has a passion for for helping organizations get their message to the right people. She is a master of filtering through the noise online and producing results. When she's not marketing she can be found writing music or getting really excited about all kinds of pets.