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Spring is upon us, and we’ve been frolicking in the sunshine and doing some spring cleaning, both online and off. There are tons of awesome apps and tools to help you deep-clean your website, polish your mind and body, and generally spruce up your online experience. So, while you’re opening your windows and letting the springtime freshen up your IRL space, don’t forget that there is plenty to be done online, too! Here are our favorite tips to get your business in tip-top shape this spring:

Social Media
More and more, social media is becoming the face we present to the world. Lots of potential clients will stumble upon your brand’s social media page before they ever find your website, so it’s important to keep your social media presence looking fresh.

Social Media All in One Place
As the number of social media platforms increases, it’s getting harder to log into all of them. Social media management platforms like Hootsuite put all your social media in one place, so it’s easy to stay on top of social media. Being able to tweet, share Facebook updates, post photos to Instagram, and interact with followers all in one place is awesome!

Consistency is King!
Make sure you keep your social media accounts consistent. If you update your logo, or change up your color scheme, make sure to roll out the change on all the social media platforms you use. The same goes for any changes in your business’ information. Keeping your address and contact information is up to date makes it easy for potential clients to get in touch, and improves your Google page ranking!

Social Media Style Guide
If your business uses any kind of social media, a style guide is a great thing to have. Your style guide will outline the rules and principles you want to see reflected in all your social media posts. If you want your online tone to be lighthearted and funny, or more serious and professional, add that to your style guide. You can also outline any topics to focus on or avoid, rules for emojis, Oxford commas, and just about anything else that is important to you and your brand.

Quality, Not Quantity!
It can be tempting to share a whole lot of stuff on social media, but make sure what you’re sharing has value for your followers. Cluttering people’s feeds with posts they aren’t interested in is a big no-no. Make sure you share useful, informative, and fun content to delight your followers and give them a reason to keep following you.

Are You Following Me?
Who is your brand following on social media? Are you engaging with them, or do you not have much in common? It’s a good idea to follow people who are relevant to your industry so you can have good conversations, and check out what they have to say. Cleaning up who you’re following means you get to see more quality content, and will have more opportunities to engage with folks interested in what you do.

Dust Off Your Website
What about your website? Is it fresh, or could it use some design updates? Does it reflect your brand in the here and now? Now is an awesome time to take a good look at your website. Web design moves quickly, and it’s important to stay on top of the latest and greatest. Having a good lookin’ site makes your business look good, too.

Page Speed
Did your website get chubby over the winter? You can use a page speed test to see how fast your site loads, and can this give you an idea of your website’s overall health. Hosting and the code behind your site can both impact page speed. If your page is slow, then it’s time for some springtime streamlining.

Code Cleanup
For the more programming-minded, checking the health of your code is a good idea. Bad code makes for a clunky, slow website. CodeClimate evaluates the health of your code, and can give you an idea of what you can tidy up on the backend.

Sweep the Spam Away
Is your inbox full of emails you don’t want to read? Maybe there’s just some good, old-fashioned spam clogging up your inbox. Whatever it may be, cleaning up your inbox can be a relief. is an awesome email unsubscribe tool. Now whenever your phone pings with an email notification, you’ll know it’s something you actually want to see.

We’re being told more and more to create complex passwords to keep bad guys out of our accounts. However, with more punctuation, numbers, and capital letters, it can be hard to remember all those passwords! Streamline the process by using a password manager like LastPass to keep track of your passwords. LastPass uses encryption and a secure master password to keep your stuff safe, and you only have to remember one password!

Chill Out!
It’s easy to forget to take a minute and just breathe. Meditation is proven to reduce stress levels, and works like a deep-clean for your brain. Websites like and apps like nonprofit StopBreatheThink make sitting down to meditate easy as pie. Taking even five minutes out of your day to relax with meditation can make a huge difference in your mental clutter.

Work It Out
Exercise is an amazing way to reduce stress levels, and stress is one of the worst things to have cluttering up your brain and body. Take a little time out of your day to do a seven minute workout, or if you’d like to get the whole office involved and track each other’s progress, try Human.

Keep a Calendar
You’re a busy bee this spring, and probably all year round! Keeping a schedule of the millions of things you have to do is the best way to keep your days orderly. There are a ton of apps and websites out there that can make things so much easier. Some of our favorites are Sunrise and Calendlyfor penciling in calls and meetings, and the classic Google Calendar. Schedule away!

Evaluate Your Marketing Efforts
It’s been a few months since the fiscal year started, so now is a good time to check up on how your marketing efforts are going. PaveIQ is an awesome analytics tool that recommends marketing strategies based on your current Google analytics. Trying new marketing techniques will help your business blossom.

Local Listings
Most of us aren’t looking through the phonebook to find businesses anymore. However, Google sure is! Google pulls information from a variety of local listings and uses their information to help rank your business’ website.
Are your business’ local listings consistent and up to date? An incorrect listing can skew your search ranking, and make it harder for people to reach you. Make sure your listings are correct and up-to-date. MozLocal is a great tool for cleaning up your local listings

Toss the Low-Quality Links
Sometimes there are low-quality links to your website that you don’t control. A shady spam site or low-ranking page could be linking to your website, and hurting your Google search ranking. Doing a link disavow on any crummy links can boost your page ranking.

We hope this list helps you tidy up this spring. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Written by
Hannah Dean
Online Marketing Expert

A Native Texan living in sunny Los Angeles, Hannah has a passion for for helping organizations get their message to the right people. She is a master of filtering through the noise online and producing results. When she's not marketing she can be found writing music or getting really excited about all kinds of pets.