Fri, 2014-02-14 18:51

I've noticed more often lately then any other time that companies these days are offering their clients "template" based layouts.  Most of the time they follow a basic structure, have key colors that can be changed within 5 minutes and then all that's left is to add content.  This is absolutely fine and you may even get a really nice looking template, it's not that I am in any way looking down upon templates...  It's just that after seeing so many of the same variations on multiple sites with only minor changes it really starts to look blase.

What I mean by that is there's no definition, no wow factor, the branding for your site is not catered to the means of your product, personality, or service. Here at BSideStudios we take branding extremely serious. Your branding is you! This is what speaks to your audience. This is what grabs the attention of the viewer.  We take pride in our branding and with a complete custom approach to your website's design.  Depending on the website's purpose we will sit down and come up with key factors to make your website's presence glow. We have designed several major company logos, websites, and more. Why not check out our portfolio and maybe get in touch?

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