Fri, 2013-06-28 15:18

Drupal is a very powerful platform used by hobbyist and software engineers, this is both a virtue and a curse, as some areas of Drupal can get fairly abstract very quickly. Here are some tried and true methods that I use every on a daily basis in case I get stuck. There aren't a whole lot of Drupal developers in Fort Lauderdale, so they come in handy. search in Google (link)

This is probably the first and most useful way to look up anything that has to do with Drupal. has a huge wealth of information that can help you with your website design. Looking for a new module? Check, Need help with an existing module? Check, pretty much anything in the drupal universe can be found here. If it gets pretty serious, the next place to look is at the issue queue for any module. You can find in the right column of any module page.


Drupal Stack Exchange (link)

If your question is a little more problem oriented, Stack Exchange has a slew of categories in which you can ask questions, Drupal being one of them. The community there is pretty serious about being helpful and there's an unspoken requirement about being very clear about what you need help with. It's free to use and very, very useful.


Youtube Videos (link)


Youtube has a wealth of videos on how to set up the most common aspects of Drupal. The link takes you to our youtube channel where you can find many helpful tutorials for drupal. There are many others out there as well if you search.

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