I've noticed more often lately then any other time that companies these days are offering their clients "template" based layouts.  Most of the time they follow a basic structure, have key colors that can be changed within 5 minutes and then all that's left is to add content.  This is absolutely fine and you may even get a really nice looking template, it's not that I am in any way looking down upon templates...  It's just that after seeing so many of the same variations on multiple sites with only minor changes it really starts to look blase.

Our Look Into Typekit

Typekit is a service provided by Adobe that allows a user to embed elegant fonts from various styles of typography with utter ease and simplicity. Over the course of developing websites I see the lack of care for typography and how cluttered Comic Sans sites have been over the last decade and with the services provided by Typekit you can be sure to have the cleanest of sites with only a few bucks a month.

There are 5 price plans to choose from, Trial, Personal, Portfolio, Performance, and Business.

5 Beautiful Minimal Fonts For Spicing Up Your Typography

As a web developer I am constantly looking at fonts, deciding which ones will be great for which design and which will fit best for a specific location of the website. Today I would love to share with you 5 fonts from Google's Web Fonts that are both aesthetically pleasing, light weight, and achieve a clean and minimal look.

Cabin (

We Are Writing Our First Book!

We are excited to say that we are currently writing our first book, "Build It With Drupal 8"!  Antonio Torres (Lead Programmer) here has headed up the front but we will all be contributing.   A lot more information will be posted as soon as we know more.  You can expect this sometime early next year in a digital format first.  Now we have to update our business cards to reflect "Authority in Authoring", "Authentic Author" and "King Author".